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  • 04/04/2020

It was an exhausted journey, since we stepped our feet here in Malaysia and of course Singapore.

Since the tour leader Mr. Adi played us a movie called Madu Tiga myself inspired to write Negara Tiga next my written will be titled Wife 3, so Mr. Said would be cheer up to read my essay…

When we arrived in Malaysia, still we were provided about the cleanliness of the city of KL, the road discipline and the hospitality of its citizen, oh ya but how about the airport? KLIA now is below Soetta Int Airport we thought, from the cleanliness the moderncy we are one strip above. Back to the food in KL, they are kind hearted to tell everyone who eat their menus with the health information, in Indonesia suke-suke lah kau santap , so no wonder Indonesian get many illnesses.

Going ahead to Singapore, to me it was my first time to go there, but in my mind there’s nothing special about Singpore but its beautiful garden. In Indonesia we could said Kebun Raya.

Thanks discipline and the struggle from 3 millions of Singapore citizen to make their country developed, it’s two thumbs up. You may say it’s impossible but it’s true.

In limited land they built together, they keep and they care about the everything called sanitation.

If you see in two countries, Malaysia and Singapore the population of Crow birds are abundant, it means that the environment for their living is clean and save, in Indonesia, Crows only a bird in a cage or for misterious news related to the death.

So, when it is talking about the moderncy, Indonesia is running to get the same with Singapore and Malaysia, but for the cleanliness, the discipline and the caring of the environment, Indonesian should learn much from Malaysia and Singapore.

Penulis: Rahman Utomo, Vice Principal of Muhammadiyah 3 Jakarta, Silka hotel, KL, 08.23, after breakfast.



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